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Chris Hohman Joins FICX as Vice President of Product

We are very proud to announce that Chris Hohman has joined our team as Vice President of Product. In his new role, Hohman will be responsible for overseeing the development of the capabilities and service for our industry-leading No-Code CX Automation Platform.

Chris brings an outstanding record of product development leadership to our international team. He has more than two decades of product management experience and comes to FICX from Bank of the West, where he was responsible for digital transformation, including automating sales, service, and compliance customer workflows. Chris also has held similar product management roles for Amazon, Cisco, and Adobe Systems.

Our CEO Michael Oiknine had this to say: “Chris Hohman has an extensive background in managing customer experience as well as product development. We are expanding our core platform to provide new no-code tools to customers, offering new ways to improve CX with automation to increase sales and reduce customer churn. Chris’s diverse background will be invaluable as FICX expands its portfolio of customer experience automation tools.”

As readers of this blog know, the FICX Platform digitizes and automates disruptive customer interactions. Rather than losing sales and customers due to broken customer journeys, FICX transforms customer processes into frictionless, end-to-end digital experiences. Using FICX, companies can easily add custom digital workflows in any customer channel including websites, apps, chat, IVR, call center, and in-store. FICX integrates with existing enterprise technology to facilitate automation with prebuilt connectors and robust APIs that synchronize front-end experiences with backend systems.

A key part of our value proposition is that FICX creates the critical last mile customer experience for a company’s existing systems and processes. While our solution requires no coding skills to create these great experiences, it is easy to configure them to meet the needs of a company’s existing operational procedures. This makes it an ideal offering for both emerging digitally centric providers as well as established industry players that need solutions to adapt to the ways they already do business.

FICX is already supporting extraordinary growth for leaders in a host of industries including:

As well as other progressive companies focused on delivering outstanding customer experience via CX automation[w1]  FICX is reimagining the way leading brands digitally transform their customer experience. As a pioneer and a leader in no-code CX app development and automation, FICX empowers modern enterprises to rapidly digitize and automate CX journeys and deploy them anywhere they engage customers. By removing friction from sales and service interactions, modern enterprises cut costs, convert more sales, and keep their customers happy.

Visit our website or request a demo to learn more about what we do and how we can make digital customer experience a competitive advantage for your organization.

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