CXO Guide to Automating CX with No-Code: Our New eGuide

A critical part of what we do at FICX is help industry leaders scope and solve their sales and service challenges. We believe that education and insights play a key role in this process. Further, we are committed to producing a steady stream of high-quality content to clarify concepts and provide ideas on the best ways to deliver outstanding last-mile customer experiences.

Our first eguide has just been released, entitled The CXO’s Guide to Automating Sales and Service with No-Code CX. Written by FICX CEO Michael Oiknine, this new paper is all about how no-code digital CX platforms are empowering leading brands and their CXOs to deliver secure, seamless digital customer experiences in a fraction of the time as with custom development or even low-code approaches. 

Every customer experience (CX) leader is in a race to deliver more powerful digital experiences that increase revenue, boost profit, and improve consumer loyalty.

Yet delivering seamless, secure digital customer experiences is often easier said than done. CX leaders face a number of challenges when developing digital solutions for customers:

  • Core systems inadequate for delivering digital CX 
  • Deeply embedded legacy systems and operations 
  • Lack of developer resources and budgets 
  • Development timelines that are slow and risky

Digital CX platforms are helping companies digitize and automate sales and service experiences to clear process bottlenecks, make customer-facing teams more productive,and empower web and digital transformation teams to innovate quickly as new CX challenges arise. Every company has urgent CX problems to solve. By yesterday. By implementing the FICX “No-Code” CX Automation Platform, you get tools to solve the immediate challenges, plus the flexibility to eliminate other bottlenecks down the road.

Why not download your own copy of this CXO guide to automating CX now? It’s full of great data and information on the no-code trend, and hows to harness its advantages for your business.

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