Divert Support Calls with Digital Self-Service

The average company spends $1 per minute providing live support on a customer service call. There are ways to reduce those costs without sacrificing quality customer service. One way is to divert calls.

When you deploy digital self-service experiences to answer common questions and needs, you prevent customers from having to speak to a human representative. They divert people from potentially frustrating sessions with our interactive voice response system. This saves you money and frees agents to handle complex inquiries. It can also boost customer satisfaction scores and customer loyalty by speeding would-be callers to information faster.

What is the goal of customer service?

There are a few different goals that customer service can have. The most common goal is to provide customers with a satisfactory experience so that they will return in the future. Another goal of customer service is to resolve customer complaints and problems. This goal aims to maintain customer loyalty and prevent them from going to a competitor. Finally, customer service can also be used to generate sales leads and market to customers.

The function of digital self-service experiences

Digital self-service experiences allow customers to interact with a company or organization through a digital channel, such as a website or app. They are a keystone to an effective digital transformation strategy and an important element of a robust CEM strategy. Customers can use these experiences to manage their accounts, make purchases, and resolve any issues they may have. All without the involvement of an agent.

The benefits of digital customer self-service experiences are many. They allow customers to take care of business on their schedule, they are convenient and easy to use, and they can often be completed in minutes. Additionally, they can help businesses save money by reducing the need for customer support staff and contact center software. Everyone wins when you can reduce the number of incoming call queries received by a contact center.

There are three critical elements to creating a successful digital self-service experience: convenience, personalization, and transparency.

  • Convenience is essential – customers should be able to complete their tasks quickly and easily. This means that the process needs to be easy to understand, and the customer should be able to find what they need without too much effort.
  • Personalization is also critical. Customers should feel like the service has been tailored specifically for them. This can be done by using their name, displaying their account information, or providing recommended solutions based on their past interactions.
  • Finally, transparency is important. Good digital self-service experiences present information clearly and succinctly.

Where to Place Digital Self-Service Experiences to Deflect Call Center Interactions

Digital self-service experiences should be placed in easily-accessible customer engagement channels, including appropriate locations on company websites and mobile apps. This will help to prevent customers from having to contact the contact center. Few calls mean more profit and higher CSAT.

Good places to put digital self-service experiences to divert a customer call include:

  • Homepage
  • Product pages
  • Cart or checkout pages
  • Self-service portal pages
  • IVR menus
  • Retail interfaces


By using digital self-service experiences to answer common questions and needs, you can prevent customers from having to speak to a human representative. This saves you money and frees up your agents to handle more complex inquiries. It can also boost your overall customer satisfaction scores and loyalty by speeding would-be callers to information faster.

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