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FICX Launches No-Code CX Automation Solution

We are proud to announce the release of the FICX CX Automation (CXA) Platform that empowers any business professional to build secure, automated customer processes without coding or developer support. This new no-code CX automation solution is transforming the way companies architect, develop, and deploy self-service and other digital customer experiences.

About the FICX No-Code CX Automation Solution

The FICX Platform streamlines and accelerates broken customer journeys, removing costly friction from sales and customer service interactions. Using a drag-and-drop interface, users can create screens, configure form logic, set up back-end integrations, test workflows, and deploy to one or multiple customer channels. FICX workflows integrate with existing business systems, unifying customer experience and data without changes to a brand’s infrastructure.

The FICX Platform is proven to accelerate the development of customer experiences in banking, insurance, lending, telecom, healthcare, and many other industries.

Speeding and Simplifying the CX Development Process

As customers adopt more devices and channels, companies are struggling to deliver consistent, frictionless CX. While automation and self-service could help solve these problems, CX efforts are often frustrated because legacy app and process development require scarce coding skills and resources. While so-called “low-code” solutions promised to address these challenges, they still require long timelines and significant tech intervention. With the no-code CX automation solution from FICX, anyone can develop and deploy a secure self-service or assisted service experience.

FICX clients are using the platform to enhance and automate key sales, onboarding, compliance, and servicing processes with great success. These digital experiences can be delivered to customers in virtually any channel. They can be completed in self-service or with the help of an agent, making it easy to collect data, eSignatures, supporting documents, PCI-compliant payments, and much more.

Client Perspective on the FICX No-Code CX Automation Solution

“FICX was a game-changer in solving for some of our most pressing needs during the COVID outbreak,” said David C. Williams, Assistant Vice President of Automation for AT&T. “Since then, FICX has continued to partner with our team to quickly resolve opportunities of all sizes, and also deliver new capabilities to improve sales and increase customer satisfaction. The no-code approach has allowed us to rapidly innovate in multiple channels while delivering critical controls and security — all without requiring many (if any) internal resources.”

“Too many businesses are losing sales and customers due to broken customer journeys,” said Michael Oiknine, CEO of FICX. “The new FICX platform allows businesses to take charge of the customer experience to increase sales and reduce churn. Our flexible, no-code approach radically accelerates CX automation and innovation.”

The FICX CX automation solution seamlessly connects with front-office and back-office systems to sync customer data and surface workflows at the precise moment of need. Pre-built connectors, APIs, and software developer kits simplify the integration of enterprise technology. FICX also empowers businesses to pre-populate forms to simplify customer experience and respond to new information with intelligent process logic. FICX also integrates with web services for advanced functionality like ID verification, credit checks, real-time quotes, inventory checks, and targeted offers.

About FICX

FICX is reimagining the way leading brands digitally transform their customer experience. As a pioneer and a leader in no-code CX app development and automation, FICX empowers modern enterprises to rapidly digitize and automate CX journeys and deploy them anywhere they engage customers. By removing friction from sales and service interactions, modern enterprises cut costs, convert more sales, and keep their customers happy. For more information, visit


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