SalesTechStar Interview: David C Williams

Our client David C Williams, Assistant Vice President of Automation for ATThas just been profiled for the SalesTechStar interview series on SalesTech Series. He provides great perspective on his career journey, key trends in customer experience, and the value that outstanding and innovative customer experiences and automation can bring to a business.

David C Williams – Assistant Vice President of Automation, AT&T

Here’s a quote to give you a taste of the great perspective you’ll find on the post:

Fundamentally, the forces driving customer experience revolve around changing customer behaviors and preferences on one side and technologies that empower users on the other. Digital is the driving force behind all of it. It simultaneously raises consumer expectations while giving companies powerful ways to serve customers better. The bar constantly goes up, but so does our ability to clear that bar. 

Later in the piece, he provides insight into the key trends driving change in customer experience for 2022. One of those driving forces is no-code CX automation:

Many CX innovations require companies to develop new software and apps – and as we all know, development cycles at many companies are long because of a shortage of dev resources. No-code platforms enable CX and other teams to develop powerful customer experiences without knowing code. That means no more waiting for the dev queue and empowering people who understand the customer’s challenges to move more nimbly. I work with FICX, which offers a no-code CX automation platform. Automation teams also conduct more data analysis of experiences using machine learning to optimize every interaction.

These excerpts merely scratch the surface of this great interview. See the entire SalesTechStar Interview yourself now. And check out the many other leadership interviews available from SalesTech Series. 

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