CX Automation

CX Automation Made Fast & Easy

With the FICX Platform, anyone can automate customer experience challenges without IT queues, coding skills, or dev resources.

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Most organizations have a long list of CX challenges they would love to address with automation. But limited IT resources and long dev cycles limit progress. The FICX no-code platform offers everything you need to build out your automated CX strategy.

Intelligent CX Automation Tools

Build, test, and implement automated customer experiences using our versatile no-code platform. Create powerful customer experiences that users will welcome and adopt.

  • Build apps without the need for even one line of code
  • Use pre-built customer sales and service workflows, form templates, and data integrations
  • Integrate form logic, form fill, e-sign, and more for flexible and intelligent automation
  • Put a great “last-mile” face on broken manual customer processes across your business

Drag, Drop, and Done CX Automation

Choose and add form elements for specific process needs. Start with our pre-developed customer support workflows. Customize to your unique customer engagement needs.

  • Implement rich media, video, live chat and more to enhance customer experience
  • Pre-populate automation forms with pre-existing profile data direct from internal toolsets
  • Enhance your customer experience apps with rich data visualization
  • Optimize every digital workflow to maximize satisfaction and reduce your costs

Connect to Existing Customer Data Tools and Platforms

FICX integrates with any data, digital service, and customer activation tools. We offer both extensive pre-built integrations and an expert team to adapt FICX to any data infrastructure.

  • CRM: Salesforce CRM, Microsoft Dynamics, Adobe/Marketo, More
  • Ticketing: Zendesk, Freshdesk, Agile CRM, More
  • Call Center Software: NICE InContact, Five9, Ring Central, More
  • Automation: ServiceNow, SAP, Salesforce, More

Improve Customer Experience with the Digital Channel

Leverage automation technology to reduce strain on your sales and support organizations. Use automation to simplify common customer interactions with digital self-service tools and applications.

  • Replace call center inquiries, account questions, and more with self-service automations
  • Leverage the customer’s smartphone for document distribution, legal, and esignature
  • Enhance the customer journey by giving customers easier access to information
  • Leverage customer experience automation to get users what they need faster 

Deploy Customer Experience Processes Everywhere

Deploy CX automation solutions anywhere they can help your customers accomplish key tasks more quickly and easily. Extend your marketing automation initiatives to all your customer experience avenues and deliver higher customer satisfaction with cost savings.

  • Websites and online platforms
  • Windows, iOS, and Android apps
  • Field sales, distributed branches, and the call center
  • Contact center, IVR, conversational AI, chatbot/virtual assistants and live chat

Optimize Your Customer Experience With Powerful Analytics

With the FICX digital experience platform, you have constant access to real-time reporting and customer experience analytics. Track the performance of your new processes across customer service channels.

  • Pinpoint digital self-service problem areas and optimize your processes
  • Test new ideas to maximize adoption with real-time customer feedback
  • Tweak new customer behavior flows to improve the customer experience
  • Compare adoption across channels and drive users to your best performers

FICX makes it incredibly easy to deliver great CX automation without the need for code.