Redefine Patient Experience with No-Code CX Automation

Choose the FICX No-Code CX Automation Platform to digitize and automate any patient process or service without developers, in a fraction of the time. Eliminate costly and time-consuming processes for your healthcare organization. Keep teams focused on patient care.  

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Digital CX for Healthcare Made Faster and Easier

Eliminate manual, time-consuming, and inefficient processes that make it challenging to provide the best patient care efficiently. Build digital apps to solve small and large provider challenges. Leverage digital self-service experiences to gather patient information, collect consents, answer repetitive questions, collect fees, and more. 

Frictionless Digital Healthcare Experiences For Patients and Caregivers

Provide secure Digital CX wherever and whenever your patients and their caregivers want it. Provide consistent digital customer experiences online, from call centers, and on premise.

Digital Self Service

Prevent thousands of patient and insurer calls for simple reuests like balance information. Focus your administrative staff on value-added engagements instead of paperwork.

Via Phone

Save your team time and prevent transcription errors with processes that collect critical information through electronic data entry.  Dramatically boost first-call resolution.

In Medical Offices/Hospitals

Transform in-person experience by replacing paper and pdf applications/change requests with simple digital forms. Dramatically boost patient and teammember satisfaction. 

Transform patient and caregiver experiences, improve relationships, lower service costs, and
unite data across channels and platforms with FICX. Automate manual processes and deliver
true omnichannel healthcare experiences that people appreciate and prefer.

Digitize and Automate Any Patient Process

The versatile FICX platform makes it easy for anyone to automate and digitize any process and make it available  in all digital channels. Shorten waits and reduce frustration. Empower customers with “no-code” self-service experiences that exceed every patient’s expectations.

Featured Clients

Everything You Need to Deliver the Digital Experiences Patients and Your Staff Deserve

Address your biggest challenges quickly and easily with FICX. Here are just nine of the
hundreds of ways clients have used our platform to automate healthcare CX.

Streamline office operations and appointment management so you can focus more time and resources on providing outstanding healthcare.

Digitize intake forms to eliminate costly and error-prone data entry while ensuring information is accurately delivered to your systems and infrastructure in real-time.

Collect historic healthcare information directly from patients and caregivers. Boost operational efficiency for your team and improve data available for assessment and treatment.

Give patients and families self-service access to learning materials on conditions, treatments, and recommended lifestyle changes. Save staff time and make the end-to-end process convenient and paperless.

Give patients secure, 24-7 access to test results and related information to reduce the need for phone calls or office visits. Free up resources to provide outstanding care to more patients.

Enhance information exchange for medical staff and patients alike. Ensure every patient has self-service access to the diagnoses and action steps outlined during visits. 

Deflect low-value calls with digital self-service. Push callers to an effortless digital experience without their speaking to office staff. Improve office efficiency and boost patient satisfaction.

Seamlessly collect consent for treatments and surgery without paper documents and PDFs. Collect legal digital signatures using built-in e-sign or bring your own third-party solution.

Give patients and caregivers easy access to statements and payment information, without the need to speak to staff. Boost on-time payments and drive down delinquencies. 

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