Transform Customer Experience Faster with No-Code CX Automation

Digitize and automate insurance customer processes without developers. Implement digital CX apps in days or a few weeks, not months. FICX makes it easy to get more high quality applications, reduce servicing costs, and delight customers with every interaction.

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Anyone Can Develop
Powerful Digital CX with FICX

Every insurance industry company has more digital projects than it does developers. With the FICX No Code CX Automation Platform, CX leaders get more done while reducing dev team demands. Deploy digital self-service processes without coding skills and optimize every customer journey.

Create Self-Service Customer Processes for Any Channel

Create digital apps and deploy them across your organization at every customer touchpoint. Provide pleasing and efficient experiences in digital channels, for call centers, and for in-person interactions. 

Digital Self-Service

Prevent thousands of contact center calls where users only want simple things like balance information. Get them answers faster, and focus your agents on value-added engagements.

Via Phone

Save your agents time and prevent transcription errors with processes that collect critical information through customer data entry.  Dramatically boost first-call resolution.

In Medical Offices/Hospitals

Transform in-person experience by replacing paper and pdf applications/quote requests with simple digital forms. Dramatically boost customer and employee satisfaction. 

Boost Sales, Eliminate Customer Frustration, and Streamline Costs

Enhance every aspect of your customer experience with time- and work-saving digital processes. Fix user experience problems, satisfy customer expectations, and cut servicing costs. FICX helps reduce application abandonment, collect signatures, guide onboarding, streamline claims, and much more.

Transform Any Customer Process

Anyone can build and field customer processes without knowing code. Let dev teams focus on other projects. Our easy and intuitive tools create secure customer-facing forms and apps.

Featured Clients

Eliminate Your Customer Experience and Process Challenges

FICX is incredibly flexible and offers many pre-built experiences you can optimize to your needs. Here is a taste of the range of solutions our clients have created with the platform.

Instead of sales calls and in-person visits, give customers digital tools to apply on their own. Replace expensive data entry with cx initiatives that maximize customer self-service.

Eliminate thousands of monthly contact center interactions for basic information. Give people easier ways to get simple financial data without involving agents or insurance office staff.

Empower customers to file initial claim information by themselves without an agent. Speed the claims process and collect more comprehensive information before the adjustor is notified.

Collect e-signatures immediately instead of having to email documents. Option to use built-in FICX e-signature or bring your own third-party e-signature tools to speed customer acquisition.

Cut contact center call length by creating a self-service process in a digital journey. Many customers are happy to complete tasks to shorten wait times and ensure greater accuracy.

Enhance customer communication and collect legal acknowledgments in real-time via smartphone links and simple screens. Meet client needs instantly without waiting days for returned PDFs.

Provide simple ways for customers to review their coverage, get key information, and address their common questions without making a call to the contact center. 

Simplify paperless statement sign-up. Enhance operational efficiency by making your one-click consent app available wherever customers interact with your business. 

Deflect a large share of contact center interactions by enabling your IVR to guide customers to digital experiences based on IVR selections. Drive down costs as you increase satisfaction. 

Security Counts. We’ve Got You Covered.