Power Lending Growth and Customer Self-Service with No-Code CX Automation

Transform lending operations and customer relationships without burdening your financial institution’s development team. The FICX No-Code CX Automation Platform quickly develops customer apps that increase applications, streamline loan servicing, and cut operations costs.

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Digital CX Development Made Flexible and Intuitive

Lenders need never add to or wait for the dev queue again! Build and deploy lending apps and processes that solve pressing problems — from straightforward tasks like opt-in for mobile and paperless banking to building comprehensive self-service loan applications. 

Create Self-Service Customer Processes for Any Channel

Your digital lending processes can be delivered anywhere customers interact with your financial institution. Create great customer apps and integrate them into online, mobile, contact centers and retail locations/branches.

Digital Self-Service

Prevent thousands of contact center calls where users only want simple info like balance amounts. Get them answers faster, and focus your agents on value-added engagements.

Call Center

Save your agents time and prevent transcription errors with processes that collect critical information through customer data entry.  Dramatically boost first-call close rates.

In a Branch

Transform in-person experience by replacing paper and pdf applications/change requests with simple digital forms. Dramatically boost customer and employee satisfaction. 

Transform customer experiences, improve customer relationships, lower service costs, and unite customer data across channels and platforms. Automate manual processes and deliver true omnichannel lending experiences that customers appreciate and prefer.

Remove Lending Friction
and Reduce Costs

Eliminate bottlenecks, boost customer satisfaction, and cut servicing costs. FICX will help you reduce application abandonment, collect signatures in real-time, guide onboarding, manage payments, and much more.

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Transform Any Customer Process

Anyone on your team can design, build and field a customer process using the FICX No-Code Digital CX Platform. Our intuitive tools make it easy to create secure customer processes for any type of customer need or interaction. 

Replace PDF forms,expensive calls, and lengthy branch visits with self-service. You can automate initial data collection or give customers the option to complete all steps completely on their own.

Reduce pressure on your call center from low value interactions. Create a portal of mini apps that divert support calls by answering common questions like ‘what’s my balance?’ or ‘is my loan approved?’

Easily accept PCI-compliant payments from customers – provide current balances, collect payments and even enroll in payment plans quickly in self-service or when speaking with a rep.

Collect e-signatures immediately instead of emailing documents and waiting for replies. Use the built-in e-sign tools or bring your existing third-party solution to your new digital customer experience.

Cut contact center call length by creating a self-service process for identity verification. Customers actually prefer completing tasks during wait times, saving you and them time.

Send and collect signatures on legal acknowledgements in real time via smartphone links and simple screens. Meet client needs instantly without emailing PDFs

Give users the option to perform many account management tasks on their terms. Create mini-apps for common questions and provide customer clarity without human intervention.

Simplify paperless statement sign-up by creating a one-click consent process. Encourage more adoption by making your consent app available wherever customers interact with your business.

Deflect thousands of unproductive calls. Enable your IVR to guide customers to digital experiences. Improve call containment, lower costs and boost customer satisfaction. 

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