Maximize Self-Service By Offering Digital Options Everywhere

Dramatically accelerate digital self-service adoption by making your existing self-service capabilities available anywhere. Don’t make customers jump through hoops – offer digital self-service experiences whenever they will want them.

Build Omnichannel Experiences In Days, Not Months

Leverage existing digital assets and integrations in new channels or launch new services in a fraction of the time with native capabilities like intelligent forms, autofill, document sharing, file upload, esign, video chat, and more.

Instantly Enable Experiences With Platform-Agnostic Shortlinks and Web Services

Customers access FICX experiences via short links on your website, app, customer portal, IVR, and retail. Accelerate digital adoption by taking experiences to every customer.

Innovate on Top of Your Legacy Systems. No Rip-and-Replace

FICX is channel and system agnostic – we don’t replace your website, app, CRM or contact center software. Instead, our API-first platform seamlessly integrates with existing infrastructure and technology. We enable brands to innovate and modernize customer experience on top of legacy systems and siloed data without expensive platform migration.

Industry-leading Security

What If My Customers Still Call In?

Digital self-service can also help improve interactions with customers that feel the need to call. Empower agents to send links during calls, and incorporate digital experiences into screen sharing, co-browsing, and video chats.  Maximize FCR and CSAT for every interaction.

Ready To Radically Accelerate Self-Service Adoption?