Deploy Digital Self-Service Even Over Siloed Data And Legacy Systems

Siloed data and legacy systems are leading causes of customer friction and poor experiences. With FICX, you can create digital self-service that’s tightly integrated with virtually any database or platform inside your organization, even if web APIs are not available today.

Flexible Deployment & Integration

FICX offers private cloud, hybrid cloud and on-premise deployments to address any security, architecture or integration needs. Our expert implementation team has vast experience integrating historical data sets and homegrown systems to deliver modern, personalized self-service experiences without rip-and-replace.


Private Cloud

Hybrid Cloud

On Premise

Drive CX Innovation On Top Of Legacy Systems

Build digital self-service capabilities in days on top of your existing CRM, ERP, Contact Center, File Archive and more. Deliver frictionless digital self-service with native capabilities like digital forms, instant ensign, secure payments, document sharing, account management, onboarding, and more. Give customers a seamless, unified experience regardless of your backend.

Self-Service That’s Omnichannel By Design

Maximize digital usage with self-service by making experiences accessible in any channel. Invite customers to digitally self-service with a secure link over SMS, chat, email or push notification. You can also easily embed the link on your website, portal or app.

omnichannel digital self service

Industry-leading Security

Reduce Your Dependence On High-Cost Channels

Digital self-service is key to controlling support costs without harming CSAT. FICX can deflect callers to digital self-service at any point in the call center journey. Trigger SMS invites via your IVR to resolve issues before connecting to an agent. For customers that prefer a human interaction, empower agents to co-pilot digital service experiences in a live collaboration session.

Ready To Focus On CX Innovation Instead Of Data Integration?