Turn Paper Forms And PDFs Into Digital Experiences Customers Love

PDFs were a process revelation when they were invented in 1993. They helped companies take the first step away from paper. But they don’t deliver the seamless experience digital-savvy customers demand today. With the FICX No-Code CX Platform, you can replace PDF forms and documents with frictionless digital journeys they can access anywhere, any time.

No Downloads, No Printing, No Scanning, No Manual Data Processing

Transform PDF and paper-based processes with intelligent forms. Don’t burden customers with cumbersome documents to complete. Deliver fast, interactive experiences that accelerate and automate customer work. Take advantage of powerful FICX capabilities to create the ideal customer experience.

Replace PDF forms, expensive calls, and lengthy branch visits with powerful digital self-service. You can automate initial data collection or give customers the option to complete all steps completely on their own.

Reduce pressure on your call center from lowvalue interactions. Create a portal of mini apps that divert support calls by answering common questions like ‘what’s my balance?’ or ‘is my loan application approved?’

Easily accept PCI-compliant payments from customers. Even empower delinquent customers to enroll in payment plans quickly in digital self-service interactions, and when speaking with a contact center representative.

Collect e-signatures immediately instead of emailing documents and waiting for replies. Use built-in e-sign or bring your existing third-party solution to your digital self-service experiences.

Cut contact center call length by creating a self-service process for identity verification. Customers actually prefer completing tasks during wait times, saving you and them time.

Send and collect signatures on legal acknowledgements in real time via smartphone links and simple screens. Meet client needs instantly and resolve issues without emailing PDFs

Give users the option to perform many account management tasks on their terms. Create mini-apps for common questions and provide customer clarity without human intervention.

Simplify paperless statement sign-up by creating a one-click consent process. Encourage more adoption by making your consent app available wherever customers interact with your business.

Deflect thousands of unproductive calls. Enable your IVR to guide customers to digital experiences. Improve call containment, lower costs and boost customer satisfaction. 

Deliver Your New Forms in Any Channel

Maximize self-service adoption by making dynamic digital forms accessible across every customer touchpoint. Invite customers to complete digital forms by sending a secure link over SMS, chat, email or push notification. Easily embed a link on your website, portal or app – even deflect calls by incorporating SMS links into your IVR and call center workflows.

Innovate On Top of Your Legacy Systems. No Rip-and-replace

FICX is channel- and platform-agnostic. We don’t replace your website, app, CRM or contact center management solution. Instead, our API-first platform seamlessly integrates with existing infrastructure and technology. Deliver modern, digital customer experiences on top of legacy systems and data without complex and expensive platform migrations.

Industry-Leading Security

Slash Abandonment and Boost Customer Satisfaction Ratings

Digital self-service experiences dramatically accelerate completion times and maximize completion rates. Empower sales and service teams to reach their goals more easily. Keep your customer service reps happy and productive by giving them the tools they need to deliver standout service every time. 

Transform Outdated Paper & PDF Processes Today