About FICX

Say No to Broken Customer Journeys

Broken customer journeys prevent customers from getting what they need, and do irreparable damage to customer loyalty. That’s why we set out to build a no-code platform that can automate broken customer journeys regardless of where they take place – on the web, in an app, in the contact center, or in person. Digital CX can deliver outstanding customer satisfaction along with greater efficiency for your organization.

We'll Help You Put the Customer First

Customers aren’t channels and they don’t want to be treated like them either. That’s our radically simple, insanely BIG idea – build the ideal digital process once, then surface it whenever and wherever there’s a customer need. Any channel. Any device. Any time.

Our heritage is in contact centers – widely considered the torture test in CX. Ever since support teams have started selling, contact channels have proliferated and nearly every brand has invested in digital self-service. Even with all this progress, many customer journeys remain an unruly tangle. We’re fighting to eliminate the rising complexity of managing customer relationships with an elegantly simple and secure no-code platform. We help brands digitize and automate the broken parts of the customer journey so they can close more sales, lower cost-to-serve and keep more customers happy.


Dr. Ori Faran

Chief Executive Officer, Founder

Entrepreneur and a seasoned tech manager, Ori holds a PhD (cum laude) of Business Administration, specializing in customer engagement. Ori is pioneer in contact center innovation, led Visual IVR and Engagement Digitalization patents and has vast experience optimizing customer journeys and process automation for leading global enterprises. 

Doron Rotsztein

Chief Technology Officer, Co-founder

Doron is responsible for the design and development of FICX’s infrastructure and solutions. He brings over two decades’ experience in software development, project leadership and innovation. Prior to FICX, Doron helped build leading contact center solutions and consulted for leading global enterprises. 

Roee Halfon

VP of Technical Operations, Co-founder

Roee serves as VP of Technical Operations, overseeing all FICX deployments & support. Roee brings decades of experience leading strategic CX initiatives that resulted in dozens of successful, mission-critical deployments. Roee held similar roles at VocalTec, Surf&Call and CosmoCom Interactive.

Chris Filly

VP Marketing

Chris has more than a decade of experience in brand development and enterprise technology marketing. Before joining FICX, Chris was a senior brand and marketing executive with Adobe with responsibility for Adobe Experience Cloud. Chris has held similar roles at Oracle and Conversant.

Daniel Kaplan

VP of North America

Daniel has over 20 years of experience driving digital transformation at leading financial institutions. He joins FICX from Citi Bank where he led big data and intelligence initiatives. Daniel has also held similar management positions at E-Toro, Barclays Capital, Lehman Brothers, and NASDAQ. 

Chris Hohman

VP of Product

Chris is the Vice President of Product for FICX and has more than two decades of product & experience management expertise, having worked with leading brands including Amazon, Cisco, and Adobe Systems. Chris recently led customer experience transformation initiatives at Bank of the West.