Drive Great Telecom Customer Experience with No-Code CX Automation

Automate and digitize any telecom customer process or service without developers, in a fraction of the time it used to take.  Choose the FICX No-Code CX Automation Platform to fill digital gaps, boost sales, lower operating costs, and dramatically reduce churn.

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The Most Agile Way to Deliver Digital CX for Telecom

Staying current with customer and competitor trends requires CX technology that can conform to your business and solve your exact telecom challenges – whether that means new customer onboarding or a simple opt-in for paperless billing.

Frictionless Digital Telecom Forms and Processes Wherever Customers Engage

Provide secure Digital CX wherever and whenever your customers want it. Deliver consistent digital customer service experiences across channels — online, at the call center, and in your store locations. 

Digital Self Service

Give customers the option to enroll, check balances, and get usage information without the need for representative involvement or intervention. Create a choice that raises satisfaction while lowering your costs. 

Call Center

Divert unnecessary, low-value calls from burdening your call centers. Help customers answer simple questions themselves. Then, deliver time-saving tools for more complex and involved agent calls and engagements.

In Store

Help store employees sign people up faster so they can move on to serve more customers. Help existing customer visitors solve their own service problems so they can leave the store more quickly and get on with their lives. 

It’s time to automate manual and complex customer processes to improve customer relationships, lower service costs, and unite customer data across channels and platforms. FICX makes it simple and easy, without taxing your developer team. 

Digitize and Automate Any Process

The versatile FICX platform makes it easy for anyone to digitize any process and make it available to consumers in all digital channels. Empower customers with self-service experiences that get them the information and outcomes they want.

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Everything You Need to Deliver the Digital Experience Your Customers Deserve

Address your biggest challenges quickly and easily with FICX. Here are just nine of the hundreds of ways clients have used our platform to automate telecom CX. 

Simplify customer acquisition processes with intuitive, intelligent forms. Eliminate conversion bottlenecks and drive more high-quality sign-ups by showcasing your customer service excellence.

End telecom provider contact center calls requesting bill and invoice information. Create a portal of mini-apps that divert support calls by answering basic payment due questions.

Easily accept PCI-compliant payments from customers – top up PAYG, collect payments, and even enroll in payment plans quickly in self-service or when speaking with a rep.

Give users the option to perform many account management tasks on their terms. Create mini-apps that empower self-service voice and data service level  increases. Provide customers with clarity without human intervention.

No more emailing for plan, insurance, and other signatures! Leverage built-in FICX e-sign tools or bring your existing third-party solution and incorporate it into an automated customer experience.

Collect legal signatures and acknowledgments in real-time, in self-service and when working with agents. Meet client needs instantly, without requiring login to full customer profiles or waiting for emailed PDFs.

Simplify sign-up and surface new enrollment opportunities throughout the entire customer journey. Offer one-click enrollment and lower paperless enrollment acquisition costs.

Help customers show themselves the advantages of upgraded service, and empower them to change plans without speaking to an agent. Lower costs and keep your customers loyal longer. 

Deflect low-value calls into the contact center with digital self-service. Enable your IVR to push customers to an effortless digital experience. Improve call containment and raise satisfaction.

Don’t worry, we’re obsessed with security too…