Divert Calls and Increase Self-Service with No-Code CX Automation

Digitize and automate customer experiences to empower self-service. Free up resources for important customers and questions. FICX makes it easy to build any customer experience without code. No more dev queue or waiting for resources.

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Drive Customer Satisfaction While Cutting Dev Timelines and Costs 90+%

Unlock the power of customer smartphones to reduce call volumes, cut AHT, and boost FCR rate for every phone call. FICX makes creating digital CX fast and easy.

Frictionless Digital CX for Contact Centers and Sales Teams

Architect a multi-path sales and support architecture that gives customers powerful digital CX tools. Improve customer journeys and call center agent job satisfaction.

Call DIversion

Give customers easy-to-use apps to answer thousands of basic questions that strain your contact center. Exceed customer expectations with digital customer experience tools that elevate agent productivity.

Agent Tools

Make sellers and support teams more effective with visual tools, forms, video chat, and more. Shorten your sales cycles, enhance customer loyalty, and increase average support calls handled per hour by agents.

Visual IVR

Transform phone experience by replacing paper and pdf applications/change requests with simple digital forms. Dramatically boost self-service problem-solving and maximize customer and employee satisfaction.

Contact center leaders: transform customer care, improve relationships, lower service costs, and unite customer data across channels and platforms. Automate manual processes and deliver unified communications that customers appreciate and prefer.

Digitize and Automate Any Process

The versatile FICX Platform makes it easy for anyone to digitize any process and make it available to consumers in all digital channels. Enhance customer engagement with “no-code” self-service that streamlines customer journeys and enhances customer support.

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Digital Transformation to Improve Contact Center and Customer Operations

Address your biggest challenges easily with FICX. From tools that shape customer behavior to processes that enhance workforce management, we’ve got you covered.

Define an end-to-end experience for any customer process and chart your course for contact center experiences. Shape both great self-service experiences and tools that enhance agent effectiveness.

Add capabilities with an easy and intuitive no-code visual interface. Streamline sales cycles and call resolution with text links for real-time document sharing, acknowledgements and e-signature.

Use pre-built and API-based integrations to connect new front-end experiences to your CRM, account management, and call center systems. Simplify integrations with two-way data sharing for personalized user experiences.

Divert calls with responsive forms, including CRM-powered pre-fill. Give customers the option of solving their own problems more quickly and easily. Free up agent time for high-value customer interactions.

Give customers a visual alternative to seemingly endless audio menus. Eliminate user frustration with inflexible and confusing navigation options. Boost customer satisfaction and divert more service calls.

Boost customer retention with conversational AI digital experiences. Port your existing chatbot and virtual assistant tools to every customer channel and capture more value from your tech investments.

Guide customers with real-time document sharing and form assistance. With our industry-leading co-browsing capabilities, your agents can guide every customer better. 

Prevent sales process abandons with texted links to e-signature and document acknowledgment. End problems from emailing documents and waiting for customer signatures. 

Leverage customer interaction data to optimize processes in real-time. Then make adjustments for forms and steps in real-time. Maximize nimble response to customer usage data.

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